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First of all, we need to find out the exact nature of your problem to determine exactly how we can help you. Setting aside the provisions of the law for the time being, we will discuss your individual situation that needs to be resolved.


We will define your problem and the exact position you find yourself in. Based on all the facts at our disposal, we will give you a realistic idea of your chances of success and possible outcomes. We will leave no stone unturned in assessing your prospects, ascertaining your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as all the chances and risks involved.


We will be personally and directly striving to solve your every issue in every detail. Rest assured that your case will be our main focus and entirely safe in our hands. A kind word and rational attitude opens doors, broadens the possibilities of solution.


We believe in effective communication and responding promptly. We relentlessly search for the most optimal ways of dealing with your case rather than thinking up reasons why something might not be possible. However inauspicious the situation may become, we will do our utmost to assist and represent you and your interests to achieve your goals. We highly pride ourselves on our assertiveness and perseverance.


Together we have over 20 years of practice as licenced attorneys and over 80 years of life experience. We have come to know big corporations and state administration from the inside, and we have both studied abroad. We know what we are doing, we are always prepared.


We consider the legal system as a workshop and provisions of the law as tools. We are thorough and meticulous; we are masters of our trade.


We will help you with your personal matters. We will defend your personhood and its expressions. We will help you solve sensitive family issues and cases of personal responsibility. MORE


We will support you in your business and asset transactions. We will negotiate a contract for you, we will create contract specimens for you. We will look after your intellectual property and defend you against unfair competition. We will take care or necessary permits. MORE


We can negotiate a settlement with patience and offer constructive solutions. We can represent you before the courts, we have been through hundreds of proceedings and well over a thousand court hearings. We will defend you against public offices and the police. MORE

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JUDr. Irena Miller, attorney at law

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Mgr. Petr Miller, LL.M., attorney at law

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